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1. Accept the Terms of Use

The following terms and conditions (collectively, the “Terms of Use”) regulate the access and use of services and information from Aboutpregnancytest.com.

By using any Aboutpregnancytest.com service, you accept, agree to be bound and abide by the terms of use of Aboutpregnancytest.com below.

If you do not agree with any of the terms of use, Aboutpregnancytest.com’s privacy policy or the lack of adequate civil act capacity, please stop accessing and using Aboutpregnancytest.com immediately. News.

2. Access Aboutpregnancytest.com

Aboutpregnancytest.com reserves the right to terminate, change any service, information that Aboutpregnancytest.com provides at any time, at the discretion of Aboutpregnancytest.com without prior notice. In order to access and use Aboutpregnancytest.com’s services and information, you may be asked to provide certain registration information when you register for membership / subscribe to the newsletter.

You guarantee that all the information you provide
Aboutpregnancytest.com is accurate, complete and up to date. You agree that all information you provide to Aboutpregnancytest.com through the Aboutpregnancytest.com Website is governed by Aboutpregnancytest.com’s privacy policy.

If you choose or are provided, a username, password or any other part of the information as part of Aboutpregnancytest.com’s security procedures, you are obliged to keep this information confidential. , and must not be disclosed to any other person or organization.

You also acknowledge that your account is exclusive to you and agree not to provide account information to any other person to access Aboutpregnancytest.com’s services or information. You agree to notify Aboutpregnancytest.com immediately of any unauthorized access using your username and password.

Aboutpregnancytest.com reserves the right to disable any other user name, password or identifier, selected by you or provided by Aboutpregnancytest.com, at any time at the discretion of Aboutpregnancytest.com without Notice the reason for the disabling.

3. Intellectual property rights

The Terms of Use allow you to use Aboutpregnancytest.com services for personal use, for non-commercial purposes.

You may not copy, distribute, modify, publicly display, make public, re-publish, download, store or transmit any content or material available on the Aboutpregnancytest.com Website except This case is done automatically by the computer/web browser you use, necessary for accessing and using Aboutpregnancytest.com services and information.

4. Brand

You may not use the Aboutpregnancytest.com trademark, without the prior written permission of Aboutpregnancytest.com. Third-party trademarks, logos, products or services, designs or slogans that appear on Aboutpregnancytest.com do not necessarily indicate any links of such third parties to SoSanhThoi. com.

5. Acts are strictly prohibited

You may only use Aboutpregnancytest.com services for legal purposes and in accordance with the terms of use. You agree not to use the services of Aboutpregnancytest.com for any acts or purposes that violate the law.

6. Member contributions

Aboutpregnancytest.com services may contain message boards, personal websites or configurations, messaging functions and other interactive features (collectively referred to as “Interactive Services”) that allow users to send and export copy, transmit to others content or documents (collectively “members’ contributions”), on or through the Aboutpregnancytest.com Service.

Any information you submit to Aboutpregnancytest.com Services will not be treated as confidential information. By providing any contribution on the Aboutpregnancytest.com Services, you grant Aboutpregnancytest.com irrevocable, complete, permanent, and free to re-publish, display, distribute, modify.

You warrant that you own or control all rights to information contributed to Aboutpregnancytest.com. You ensure the legality, reliability, accuracy, and suitability of such information. Aboutpregnancytest.com is not responsible for any third party, for the content or accuracy of any user contributions.

7. Monitoring and enforcement

Aboutpregnancytest.com reserves the right to: remove or refuse to post any contribution information of members according to Aboutpregnancytest.com’s evaluation, make modifications that Aboutpregnancytest.com deems necessary for the contributions of member; disclose your identity or other information about you at the request of the competent authorities; terminate or suspend your access to all or part of the Aboutpregnancytest.com service for any or no reason.

Aboutpregnancytest.com does not review documents before it is posted on Aboutpregnancytest.com Services, and cannot guarantee to quickly remove this information after it has been posted.

Accordingly, Aboutpregnancytest.com is not responsible for any third party for Aboutpregnancytest.com cannot promptly remove information contributed by members on Aboutpregnancytest.com services.

8. Content standards

Standard applies to any and all user contributions. User contribution content must comply with legal regulations.

9. Copyright infringement

Aboutpregnancytest.com respects copyright issues and will respond to notices of copyright infringement in accordance with the law. If you believe that any information provided on Aboutpregnancytest.com violates your copyright, you may request removal of this information from Aboutpregnancytest.com’s services by sending a notice to Aboutpregnancytest.com. via email or other suitable contact forms.

10. Based on the information provided

The information available on or through Aboutpregnancytest.com Services is provided solely for general information purposes. Aboutpregnancytest.com may update this information from time to time, but its content is not necessarily complete or updated fully. Any information available on the Aboutpregnancytest.com Website may be changed at any time, and Aboutpregnancytest.com is not obligated to update such information.

Information is provided on Aboutpregnancytest.com for general information purposes. We disclaim any and all responsibilities related to (i) accuracy, completeness, reliability, effectiveness, use, or results of using information published on Aboutpregnancytest.com; and you are solely responsible for any action based on the use of any information published on Aboutpregnancytest.com.

11. Reject guarantees

You understand that Aboutpregnancytest.com cannot and does not guarantee that files available for download from the Internet or websites will not contain viruses or other destructive codes. You are responsible for fulfilling all testing procedures to meet specific requirements to protect you against viruses and destructive programs.

12. Legal disclaimer

In any case, Aboutpregnancytest.com will not be liable to you or any other person /the third party for any consequences arising outside or related to these terms of use and/or services of Aboutpregnancytest.com.

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